My Experience as a Summer Youth Volunteer

“My summer as a youth volunteer is awesome.”

Gavin Keegan, Summer Youth Voluneer

At first I didn’t know much about the program, then soon realized it was a great time. I think this volunteer opportunity is great for young teens to experience the life of a real worker.

My favorite places to work are in food services, child day care and maintenance. I enjoy working in the Garden Café because I like to help roll silverware with Millie. I also enjoy the other jobs offered in the Café.

Gavin Keegan rolls silverware with resident Millie Kurtz.
Gavin Keegan rolls silverware with Tel Hai resident Millie Kurtz.

In the child day care, I love helping the little kids. I like to help read to them or simply coloring with them.

I like to work in the maintenance department because I like to do outside work such as pulling weeds, or helping form a creek.

Next, I also love meeting and talking to the residents because they are so nice to talk to.

I also like how we get to pick our shifts to work, that way I don’t have to work the whole summer and I get some days off.

My perspective of volunteering is that I am helping the community and making it a better place because at the end of the day, I know I have made a difference and helped someone out.

Gavin Keegan, Summer Youth Volunteer Age: 13, Twin Valley School District


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9 Replies to “My Experience as a Summer Youth Volunteer”

  1. Thank you, Gavin for spending your summer days with our Residents! He brings his smile and cheerfulness each and every time he is on campus.

  2. Gavin is such a breath of fresh air! I remember the first time I saw him here at Tel Hai….. he is so cheerful and has a very contagious smile! Thank you for all you do Gavin!

  3. Gavin is a great example of what summer youth volunteering is all about which is spending time doing community service and making a difference in the lives of residents. Gavin takes great pride in his and the role tasks he is given. He puts forth every effort to interact with residents and engage them in activities of interest.

  4. Gavin, thank you for sharing your story. In doing so you model the way for others to follow. I am also glad you feel this is a rewarding experience because it certainly is for the those benefiting from your service.

    Joe Swartz, President & CEO

  5. Thank you Gavin. The story you shared blessed my heart. I am certain your work in each of those departments and with each of the residents you worked with was a blessing to them as well. Thank you for giving your time, kindness and positive attitude to us this summer.

  6. Gavin, you are always welcome at Child Day! The children and staff are always so excited to see you! You are truly a helpful, dependable, fun friend to be around! We can’t wait to see you again next summer!

  7. Gavin is pure joy to have helping us here at child day! The kids love having him around and so do the staff. He is always helping out, telling jokes playing with the kids and testing the teachers with fun challenges. Gavin is always welcome down here in the pre-k classroom!

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