The value-added, fee-for-service advantage!

As a Life Plan Community, the value of a retirement community like Tel Hai lies in the priority access to the full range of residential accommodations, amenities and continuing care services to enhance your retirement experience and secure your future.

A retirement community is so much more than ‘continuing care.’ We are about life and living life to its fullest. Today’s seniors are self-directed planners who aren’t looking for ‘care,’ but rather a life filled with possibilities and options. Our worry-free lifestyle allows residents to truly embrace the Redefining Retirement™ concept… the heart of Tel Hai.

As a Life Plan Community, we allow planning and living to merge. Having a plan in place allows residents to live life as they choose. As a fee-for-service community, you have the security of a safety net, which provides access to health services that you pay for only when and if you need them.  Read more about our age requirements.

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