Why spend another day in your home, trying to decide when is the right time to move to Tel Hai? Now is the time and the Ready-Set-Go Program is going to help you make it happen!

We’ve created this program to put you on the ‘fast-track’ in preparing for your move to Tel Hai. By joining the Ready-Set-Go Program, you are expressing your desire and intention to move to Tel Hai in the near future. This means you’ll ‘jump ahead’ of people who aren’t ready to commit to advancing their interest in moving to Tel Hai. It’s our intention to give you the resources and support to do so.

From members-only programs to special access into workshops and entertainment events, you’ll have a unique opportunity to experience life at Tel Hai and connect with residents who live here. Best yet, joining the Ready-Set-Go Program puts you on the priority access list from which you’ll be invited tour and offered available residential living accommodations first, before the Future Resident List or general public!

What is the Ready-Set-Go Program?

The program is designed to encourage you and equip you in preparation for your move to Tel Hai.  The Ready-Set-Go Program gives you priority access to available accommodations, additional support, benefits and planning timelines to make the move happen! The program turns the “I can’t be ready” excuse into “I am ready. This is the home I’ve been waiting for!”

How does the Ready-Set-Go Program work?

Upon successful completion and acceptance of your application you have opportunity to enroll in the Ready-Set-Go Program. Ultimately, our goal is to pair you with the accommodation of your desires, your future and your dreams.

What is the cost of the Ready-Set-Go Program?

Tel Hai’s Residential Living Application Fee is $250.

The Ready-Set-Go Program requires an additional $1,000 deposit to be applied toward your future accommodation entrance fee. The deposit is fully refundable should you withdraw from the program.

How do I enroll in the Ready-Set-Go Program?
  1. Contact us to Schedule A Visit to Tel Hai. During your visit, our Residential Living Counselor will listen to your needs, wants and desires. Together, you’ll discuss accommodation options and view the spaces and places that interest you.
  2. Complete the Residential Living Application and check “Enroll me/us in the Ready-Set-Go Program.”
  3. Submit your application fee and $1,000 deposit. If you’re already on the Future Resident List and are ready to move, join the Ready-Set-Go Program today!