A delicious and distinctive advantage to the Tel Hai lifestyle means the opportunity to be free from meal preparation responsibilities.  Whether exploring global cuisine or enjoying a childhood favorite, it’s more than food… it’s an experience.

In concert with our partners at Cura Hospitality, Culinary Services at Tel Hai provides dining experiences that are nutritionally balanced, convenient and delicious.  We serve fresh, made-from-scratch meals and follow Cura’s Culinary Gold Standards using only U.S.D.A. certified beef, pork and poultry.

We pride ourselves on our wholesome menu selections that are made with quality ingredients.  Conveniently, our campus is located at the epicenter of a culinary community—rich with farmers’ markets, roadside stands, butchers and suppliers.  Led by our on-staff chefs, sous chefs and nutritionists, we work hard to source local, seasonal and organic foods.


DELIVERY OF PRE-ORDERED MENU SELECTIONS FOR LUNCH & DINNER ONLY: The procedure for ordering your lunch & dinner selections for home delivery has changed.  Please review the order & delivery instructions document below:

Culinary Services Ordering & Delivery Instructions

Grocery Delivery Service

Tel Hai offers grocery and supply delivery service. There is no grocery delivery service fee. PLEASE limit your grocery order to once per week. Place one order for all the items you need together on one order.

The ‘Tel Hai Grocery Order Form’ can be returned in your outgoing, on-campus mail bag on your door. An extra copy of the form will be delivered to you with your completed grocery order. Dining dollars can be used (with the exception of stamps). All orders will be fulfilled within 1 to 2 business days, and delivered Monday – Friday.

Download Tel Hai Grocery Order Form

The ‘Tel Hai Grocery Order Shopping List’ includes an extensive list of breads, drinks, produce, staples, deli, personal items, household items, and canned items.

Download Tel Hai Grocery Order List