The Anticipation is Growing

It’s with great excitement we share that our highly desired Woods Edge Cottage neighborhood — featuring charming, private homes ranging from 1,408 sq. ft. to 1,920 sq. ft.,— is expanding!

Beginning in 2024-2025, we plan to welcome 44 new households into our Life Plan Community. We’ve partnered with custom-home and building expert EG Stoltzfus on this project, and we’re nearing the conclusion of the planning and final approval process. True to its name, the Woods Edge Cottage neighborhood is positioned in the northwest corner of the campus, surrounded by year-round greenery, self-preserved woodlands, and amazing views of the Chester County countryside.


We’ve already started the sales process with those enrolled in the Ready-Set-Go Program, who are individuals who have committed and are prepared to move to Tel Hai. View the map to see our sales progress.

Download: Sales Progress Map- Updated June 11, 2024

Woods Edge Cottage Expansion Interest Form

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