Moving Tips with Tina: #6-10

Moving2(1)At Tel Hai Retirement Community, we know the ‘stress’ future residents feel as they plan to downsize their homes and prepare to move into our community.  However, that ‘stress’ can be greatly relieved or even eliminated during the moving process by proper planning and preparation.  We are here to help!

As the Moving Resources Manager at Tel Hai, it’s my privilege and job to assist our future residents by helping them systematically tackle the sometimes overwhelming moving process.  Check out my favorite collection of “Moving Tips with Tina: #6-10.”  If you missed “Moving Tips with Tina: #1-5” –  CLICK HERE!

Tip 6: Use a Moving Checklist

Access a comprehensive guide to lead you through the stages of your move.  It pays to be organized, so a detailed list will make sure no stone goes unturned!  The list should include preplanning stages, packing and organizing, the move itself and include unpacking and settling-in actions.  Also, the checklist will remind you on when to stock up on necessities you know you will need like additional boxes, labels, tape and even cleaning supplies.

Tip 7: Visit Your New Home

If possible, visit your new space and determine the best approach for parking and moving your items.  Visit the community, begin introductions and feel comfortable of where to go and who can help you during your move.  For residents moving into Tel Hai, we can help with those introductions!  We are a friendly community and would love to introduce you to your new neighbors!

Tip 8: Pack a ‘Moving Day’ Kit

This kit contains only the essentials for moving day!  It should help you, your family or helpers stay safe, clean and comfortable.  Things like bottled water, sanitary hand wipes, paper towels, snacks, and an extra phone charger should be included.  Remember… the goal is not to dig into your neatly labeled boxes for last minute items.

Tip 9: Treat Yourself

You may think that working through lunch or staying up late will give you an advantage when moving… but don’t fall into the over-achieving trap.  It won’t.  It will leave you worn out, tired and sleep-deprived.  Make sure to treat yourself to an early night in… draw a bath, order take out and relax.  Plan “evenings off” into your move. Make time for family and friends.

Tip 10: Prep Your New Place

Consider “prepping” your new home for your move.  Bring along old area rugs and throw mats to absorb foot traffic dirt before entering your new home.  Within the first hour of entering, make sure you have electric and running water… they are essentials.  Turn on your new refrigerator or plug in existing appliances to ensure they are ready for your belongings.  Resist the urge to remove protectors or plastic film until you know that items will no longer be moved, shuffled or relocated.

Do you have a favorite moving tip not shared here?  Comment and let me know!

Tina Cressman

Moving Resources Manager


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