So…Just Why Do Pie Auctions Work?

MarketingpicPie auctions work because people LOVE to give. In love, folks baked home-made pies. Using old family recipes and well-known favorites, residents, staff and members of neighborhood churches rolled crusts, blended fruits, whipped meringue, turned the ovens on and waited for the hand-made masterpieces to brown and bubble to an ever-so-perfect finish.

Pie Auctions work because people are willing to get up early, and, starting at 8:00 am, they descended upon the Tel Hai Chapel to Unknown 1deliver their pies and hand them off to the tender-loving care of the Pie Auction committee chair, Ann Paton, who then checked off the entry and mounted the pie upon the well-deserved pedestal for display and auction. Each pie was auctioned to raise money for the Tel Hai Care Assurance Fund.

Unknown 2Pie auctions work because people are willing to bid! The bidding started with a flurry of activity. Fast and furious – that’s what I’d call the bidding. So many bids, too many to count, but, if you really wanted a particular pie, you had to bid!

We wondered just how the auctioneer managed to keep up with the bids – but keep up he did, and, at the end of the day, everyone had fun.


Pie auctions work because winners realized their pie brought a wonderfully Unknown 3high bid, while other winners got to take the pies home, and the Care Assurance Fund received a 2014 Day in the Country Pie Auction contribution of over $1,000.00. Be sure to come again next year for another old-fashioned, fun-filled, fast-paced, original event: the Tel Hai Pie Auction!

Fran Atkins, resident


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