What I Love About Tel Hai

_MG_3709Gathered with friends recently in the Garden Café, we were enjoying a relaxed dinner with friends. With a brief pause in our quiet conversation, our attention was drawn to a group of twenty or more folks entering. They were laughing and finishing the stories they had begun at their “before-dinner” party. Sure… they were having fun. At least that was the appearance they gave. They stopped at our table to say “Hi” and greet us with their sunshine and laughter.

They were on their way to continue their merriment in Azalea Square Dining Room. As they drew away, I asked one of the party-goers, “What’s the occasion?”

“Oh,” she responded, “Frieda finished her physical therapy today!”

Together, they were celebrating one neighbor’s accomplishment of having completed physical therapy following a broken bone. What a wonderful neighborhood to gather in appreciation and celebration for an event that might have gone unnoticed in many neighborhoods.

And that… is what I love… what I love… what I love… about Tel Hai!


Fran Atkins, resident


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