What is It? The Basics of Outpatient Therapy!

Outpatient Therapy Services at Tel HaiWhen you hear the term Outpatient Therapy, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Stretching, exercise, ice packs…?

You don’t have to have a traumatic injury to benefit from Outpatient Therapy Services. Here at Tel Hai, you have access to a team of professional Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Pathologists to help guide you to a better quality of life.

Our team can provide therapy services prior to a planned procedure, after surgery, or if you simply want to improve the quality of daily activities. Our therapists can help with falls, pain, urinary incontinence and balance issues.

Tel Hai is equipped with state-of-the art equipment and direct access to the StoneCroft Aquatics Center that our therapists utilize while working clients. We treat and address a wide variety of physical and medical diagnoses. You will never have to worry about squeezing in appointments since our team members provide flexible appointment times in our StoneCroft Health Suite.

Best yet, we serve individuals from the greater community, team members and their families.  We are open and ready to serve!  Prior to any assessment or treatment, we will review your care options and verify insurance eligibility coverage and potential member responsibility fees for outpatient therapy services.

Are you in need of Outpatient Therapy Services? We’re here to help. Tel Hai Therapy Services are powered by Symbria. Please contact us directly at 610-273-9333 ext. 4005 or email therapy@telhai.org


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  1. Speaking for my family, we are greater community residents and we have benefitted greatly from outpatient therapy services offered at Tel Hai. We have received therapy for knee issues, hip issues, car accidents and most recently a motorcycle accident. The therapists at Tel Hai are kind, caring and are very invested in your recovery. They are very thorough in reviewing your home plan with you so you can be doing your part at home between appointments. I also would like to mention that having the aquatic therapy available was so beneficial and a key component in my sons recovery to begin to walk on his own again after a serious injury. While in the water he could bear weight on his legs. He was taught several strengthening exercises which aided in his recovery. Very high regards to The Tel Hai outpatient therapy services team.

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