Tips from Tina: 5 Stages of Accomplishment

Welcome to the second posting of our new blog series called ‘Tips from Tina.’  If you have questions, she has the answers! From recommended questions when interviewing a realtor to decluttering your closets, you can anonymously ask Tina any move-related question you’d like.  No question is too small or too silly.

Each quarter throughout 2018, Tina will provide her best advice through our Moving Resources Program.  Got a question? Call or email Tina directly at or (610) 273-9333, ext. 2160 with your questions. And don’t worry, we won’t use your name!

A resident who moved to Tel Hai a few years ago had shared a card with me that was given to her when she moved in. The card told a story that I hear so often from residents.  Over the years, I’ve shared it with many.  It focuses on the 5 stages of accomplishment as listed below.  For those looking to rightsize and take the next step in their journey to Tel Hai, you’re not alone.

STAGE 1- DENIAL: “I can’t do it.

This may have been you or perhaps you are feeling this way now. The thought of rightsizing, going through your years of memories and cherished collections just overwhelms you to the point that you talk yourself into not making a move.  Perhaps you’re thinking “I just can’t do it” and “I’m fine right where I am.” Are you in denial? Do you know deep down that you need to be making this move now?

STAGE 2- UNCERTAINTY: “Maybe I can do it.”

This is the point of feeling like a ping-pong ball… being bounced back and forth. One day you are on board, the next you doubt your decision. We hear folks sharing this uncertainty with us all the time.  These are all very normal feelings as with any big life changing decision.

STAGE 3- RESISTANCE: “There’s no way I can do it!”

Accepting change is hard and we all handle change differently.  Sometimes we try to resist it. The thought “where there’s a will… there’s a way” comes to mind. My best advice is to put a plan in place.  I once worked with a resident who asked her extended family to fly in and share in the fun of packing.  They sorted her things and helped prepare her home to be ‘market ready.’

STAGE 4- PANIC: “Ahhhhhh, what if I can’t do this!?!”

I hear residents tell me their stories and some of them experience sheer panic. For some, it seems it gets worse before it gets better. Perhaps it’s a failed septic inspection at your existing home or when a loan wasn’t approved in time. There are so many things that can put you in a panic. While some things are out of your control and my control, there are several areas that we can tackle together through our trusted partners and supportive resources. I’m just a phone call away to discuss any situation where you feel you are panicking. Don’t let the situation go unaddressed to a point where your panic becomes overwhelming.

STAGE 5- ACCEPTANCE: “Alright! I did it! Lets party!”

In the end, when the boxes are unpacked and you are meeting new friends, you’ll reflect on the gift you gave yourself and your children.  You’ll have the peace of mind that your future is secure, your home ownership worries have evaporated and you only have one job… to party!  That’s right… you did it!  It’s now time to start your next chapter and work through your bucket list!


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