Tips from Tina: Listing, Selling & Negotiating!

Welcome to the first posting of our new blog series called ‘Tips from Tina.’  If you have questions, she has the answers! From recommended questions when interviewing a realtor to decluttering your closets, you can anonymously ask Tina any move-related question you’d like.  No question is too small or too silly.

Each quarter throughout 2018, Tina will answer several of the questions, and provide her best advice through our Moving Resources Program.  Got a question? Call or email Tina directly at or (610) 273-9333, ext. 2160 with your questions. And don’t worry, we won’t use your name!

Question: “I’m ready to list my house.  What happens if it sells faster than I planned?” 

First, congratulations if your home sells fast.  That’s great news! When you join the Future Resident List, you’ll have access to our Moving Resources Program.  Together, we will explore available options of short-term and long-term housing. Short-term housing is considered housing for a period of less than two months.  It’s often more costly than long-term housing, but comes with the convenience of a fully furnished accommodation.  On the contrary, long-term housing is generally considered housing longer than 2 months and up to a year.  It’s less expensive than short-term housing, and lease agreements can range from month-to-month, to quarterly to yearly.  I can provide you critical resources of who provides housing, where it’s located, and help you sort through your options.  Once, I had a resident who needed long-term housing, and she stayed at an off-season beach rental… what fun! Ultimately, do not let a quick sale of your house deter you from closing on a sale.

Question: “I’m not a fan of yard sales or auctions but I have some high-end items.  Where can I consign items like housewares or jewelry?”

There are several options locally in the Western Chester County area and many along the Main Line.  Also, places like the Brandywine Consignment Shop and The Palm Tree  offer consignment opportunities for a cause!  Together, I’ll help you do your homework on what fits you best.  In general, there is a cost to consign and a time-period associated with the selling of your items.  Also, be aware that many vendors limit the amount of items you can consign, so pick wisely!

Question: “Should I negotiate for a reduced commission rate with my listing agent?”

This is a tough and sensitive question within the world of real estate.  Your listing agent is a trained professional who you are hiring to sell- perhaps- your most valuable possession.  You want them to broker the best deal for you, so you can start the next journey of your life at Tel Hai.  Consider why would they be willing to work for a reduced rate.  Would they reduce your homes advertising budget or exposure?  I recommend you proceed with caution. 



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