Walking Hand in Hand

My wife and I leave our cottage on Rolling Hills Circle, walking briskly past Honey Locust Court saying a brief hello to Dave and Dottie who had just finished a hearty breakfast. Walking hand in hand out in the crisp morning air.

Walking Hand in Hand we look to the hill covered with soybean plants hoping to see a few deer enjoying a midday lunch… today was not the day. We saw a groundhog raise his head and then move rapidly to his daytime hiding place. A few more steps, I look down a draw and see a house and bam, the verdant green meadow with the Conestoga Creek passing through as we walked hand in hand.

Walking Hand in Hand we hear birds singing their heart out. We do not know just how they talk or listen to one another, but they practice their notes and scales. We meet and greet friends walking in the opposite direction-we say to one another “You’re going in the wrong way.”  To us, ours is the right way, but who cares anyway walking hand in hand.

Walking Hand in Hand it was the morning after a stormy night. Everything was crisp and clear even the sky looked washed and blue. White fluffy clouds floating slowly by. Do trees have feelings? Do they feel sad and deserted or are they happy with strong and tall branches spread skyward. Squirrels run chase and jump from branch to branch, tree to tree. As we walk hand in hand.

Tel Hai Resident Will Gaul

Walking Hand in Hand the road takes a gentle downward turn.  The view of the lake along Beaver Dam Road gives us a feeling of serenity. The sun isn’t aware of the change of the hour as the earth in its regular course turns around. In the distance we spot a sight we love. Flocks of geese flying high in the sky… tiny to see but loud to hear. Why is the “V” shorter on one side? Walking hand in hand.

Walking Hand in Hand I see beauty in the wind.  How often have I said “I hate wind” but then I never before noticed the beauty of it as it rushes thru a tree. In the meadow, horses taking a day of rest, cows nibbling at the grass, why does a cow eating green grass give white milk? We see a bed of flowers of Daisies, we stop and pick one.  We pluck each petal “He loves me, he loves me not.” We see robins hunt and peck on the lawn. Walking hand in hand.

Walking Hand in Hand a car goes by we give them a High 5. Life moves on… that’s a truth for certain. There is joy in our hearts, peace in our minds. The years are beginning to take their toll. How much longer will we be able to stroll with aching knees and hips. Walking hand in hand, Tel Hai is the place to be.

Will Gaul

Tel Hai Retirement Community Resident


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  1. Such beautiful insight from such a great man!! I can feel the wind and picture the scenery; it’s almost as if I’m walking with them. Thank you, Will for such beautiful words!

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