7 Tips for a Healthier 2017

It’s that time of year! Christmas ads and jingles have been replaced with treadmill commercials, supplements and vitamins are on sale, and the scale is showing a number that is much higher than it was back in November. Instead of being overwhelmed by gimmicks and quick-fixes, check out the tips below to become a healthier you in 2017!

  • Set goals- Research has shown that up to 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail, some of them as early as February. Set yourself up for success by picking one or two goals that are specific, measureable, achievable and time-sensitive. Set smaller goals within your overall resolution to document your progress and keep yourself motivated.
  • Drink more water- Drinking more water is an easy way to reap multiple health benefits including increased immunity, decreased fatigue, improved blood and heart health and maintaining intestinal regularity. Carry a reusable water bottle with you and try to take a sip of 1-2 ounces every 15 minutes to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Eat your vegetables– While fresh, colorful summer produce is months away, don’t overlook the nutrient packed produce that is in season right now. Filling up on produce like apples, mushrooms, beets, cabbage, oranges, grapefruits and winter squash will keep your immune system running strong and may even help with some weight loss. Remember to take a walk down the frozen food aisle, too. Frozen fruits and vegetables are flash frozen and packaged at the peak of ripeness, locking in nutrients for a quick, easy way to eat your favorite produce year round.
  • Stay active- Don’t let shorter days keep you from exercising during the winter. Exercising through the winter can boost immunity and also help you maintain or lose weight. Add an extra layer if you’re walking or running outside, try an exercise class, join a public pool, or buy small hand weights to use in your home.
  • Wash your hands- The most common way to spread colds, the flu or stomach viruses is through contact with a contaminated object like a door knob or the hand of a person who is sick. To prevent illness, wash your hands with soap and warm water and dry with a paper towel, or use an alcohol based hand rub with at least 60% alcohol content.
  • Get some sleep- Experts recommend 7-9 hours of sleep per night for the average adult. Getting enough sleep can decrease stress, improve mood and efficiency, and lower risk for certain diseases. Try to set a routine around bedtime to help your mind and body relax and fall asleep sooner!
  • Unplug- Technology is great for staying connected, but being too connected can have a negative impact on your health. Set a certain day or time to turn off the technology and focus on face to face conversation, reading a book, or just enjoying the silence. You’ll be surprised at how your relationships and mental health will improve!



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