Bruce & Barbara McCleary: Our First Year at Tel Hai!

WOW! We moved into Tel Hai on June 16, 2015, and have never looked back! What a wonderful year it has been!

When we look out at the view from our balcony we say, “We made a good decision.” Our daughters, Jen and Caryn, are thrilled that we made this move, even though it was hard to say good-bye to the house they were raised in.”

We’ve made a lot of new friends and there is lots to do! We have a small plot in the garden again this year and we just picked our first tomatoes! Bruce has been making refrigerator pickles and we give away anything we can’t use. Bruce is active in the Woodcraft Shop and with the Train Club and he was just elected to the Resident Council as a representative of StoneCroft. Bruce volunteers at the StoneCroft front desk and Barbara volunteers at the Garrett Community Center front desk. Barbara serves the community as a member of the Art Task Force and the Library Committee.

We are in the mailroom on Mondays and try to keep the Book Nook organized and neat.   We also enjoy walking, swimming and sitting in the spa, and sometimes we use the exercise equipment.

In the past year, we have attended many special events including a luau, a New Year’s Eve celebration, a special volunteers’ appreciation dinner, and a wonderful Tel Hai 60th birthday party. There are also concerts, movies, Guys’ Day Out, Ladies’ Luncheons, and various classes, informative lectures and seminars. There are so many activities they won’t all fit into our calendar!

Plus there is the beauty salon, a shuttle service, physical therapy and other medical offerings right here at Tel Hai.

One of the best things about living here at Tel Hai is that we don’t have to mow the lawn, rake leaves, shovel snow or worry about maintenance. The entire staff is so friendly and helpful.

The food here is very good too – let’s just put it this way – we’re not losing weight! We like to invite family and friends to come out to the country for a visit and stay for lunch or dinner.

We love our new home and the view from our balcony; and we are proud to show it to prospective residents. We look forward to many years of an active lifestyle here at Tel Hai!

Bruce & Barbara McCleary

Tel Hai Retirement Community Residents


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5 Replies to “Bruce & Barbara McCleary: Our First Year at Tel Hai!”

  1. Wow! I cannot believe it is over a year since your move to Tel Hai. It sounds like you are redefining retirement your way!! Thank you for being such great ambassadors for Tel Hai.

  2. The McCleary’s have certainly embraced their transition to Tel Hai and they take full advantage of the offerings here. Every time I see them the are smiling! Their happiness is so contagious!

  3. What a great story (great photo too!). It is a story that rings across campus everyday. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your part in making Tel Hai a great place to call home.

  4. Oh how I just love Bruce and Barb! You can often find them walking all over campus volunteering and helping others. They are beautiful assets to the Tel Hai family. How lucky are we!

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