This is the ‘Life’

Resident Marian Friese chats with former Tel Hai President Joe Swartz and his wife Kathy.

This winter, I’ve been counting my blessings, one of which is the decision I made eight years ago to move to this beautiful campus. I’m sure that other residents who reside at Tel Hai can relate to them as well.

I feel thankful…

– when I leave the dinner table each night and have not had to shop for food, plan, prepare, cook or wash the dishes.

– when the Ukulele Band is performing for a sing-along and I wonder if I would ever be singing if I lived alone.

– when I sign up for one of our out-of-town getaways or day trips and all the planning has been done for me, the pace is appropriate and the sights are interesting.

– when I hear a group of friends sharing a laugh at dinner and it occurs to me that I am never lonely or alone at meal time.

– when I can feel useful by joining a committee or volunteering in an area of my experience and interest.

– when I am able to attend lectures, church services, nature walks, concerts, movies, swimming, shopping, dancing, gardening, art classes, and many more activities… all without leaving the campus.

– when my privacy is respected when I am in my own home, but I feel that I am among friends when I step out the door.

– when I don’t need a car because the pharmacy and grocery store deliver and the Tel Hai shuttle will take me to appointments.

– when my family can relax because they understand that I feel supported and cared for by genuinely interested and responsive staff.

– when I can get my mail, buy stamps and mail packages all without leaving campus.

– when a nurse or social worker is available day or night to respond to any concerns I may have.

– when it snows and I am inside baking cookies for the staff shoveling outside, instead of doing the heavy lifting myself.

For these and many other reasons, I am so grateful and thankful that I live at Tel Hai.

Marian Friese

Tel Hai Retirement Community Resident


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3 Replies to “This is the ‘Life’”

  1. Thank you Marian! You are such a blessing to Tel Hai. I have not forgotten when my office was temporarily relocated to HillCrest and you stopped in and brought me a FRESH baked cookie! Thank you for all that you do here at Tel Hai.

  2. Thank you Mrs. Friese, for putting into words what so many other have said. We just love to hear stories like this, knowing you are so happy with your home is our first priority. We wouldn’t want it any other way. You are the best – thank you!

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