PERSONAL CARE: Early signs that care is needed today.

Do you have a loved one who requires daily assistance to remain independent, safe and secure?

Lakeview Personal Care provides the freedom and amenities of residential living paired with clinical support.

Our resident-centered approach ensures that residents receive individualized care and programming suited to their abilities while preserving their dignity, comfort and level of function.

Not sure if your loved one could thrive at Tel Hai’s Lakeview Personal Care? Check out the ‘Early Signs that Care is Needed TODAY’ resource below.

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Early Signs that Care is Needed TODAY:


    • Feel forgetful, confused or lost
    • Mix up or forget to take medications
    • Miss medical appointments
    • Overlook things that pose a safety concern
    • Struggle to buy food & meal preparation

Emotional & Social:

    • Feel lonely or depressed
    • Feel frustrated or stressed
    • Take less interest in things previously enjoyed
    • Avoid people and social interaction

Physical & Medical:

    • Sleep more often or have less energy
    • Notice a change in eating habits
    • Have difficulty walking, dressing, eating or bathing
    • Have trouble maintaining a clean household
    • Fall more often or bruise more easily
    • Need additional medical attention

* Information courtesy of Care Conversations; American Health Care Association & National Center for Assisted Living.

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