Resident Testimonials

“I got up early and looked out our windows at the beautiful wooded hills, the green grass…seeing the mist rising on the pond in Indian summer and hearing the chimes start to play in Chapel…and peace came over me. I’m in heaven!”

Pete Collins, Cottage Resident

“The Tel Hai Retirement Community makes it possible for residents to live their life fully involved in whatever interests they may have. I feel blessed to be a part of Tel Hai.”

Shirley Walton, Cottage Resident

“There is a warmth here at Tel Hai—a cohesive relationship between residents and staff. It feels just like a family.”

Carol Morling, Apartment Resident

“Being useful—that’s what life is all about!”

Dick Sauder, Cottage Resident

“I am enjoying being part of a community of folks who share common interests.”

Ed LaDrew, Cottage Resident

“After living in New York City, Philadelphia and Charleston I’ve had a wealth of ‘neighborhood’ experiences. Now that I’m here at Tel Hai I’m surrounded by wonderful friendly folks—it’s fabulous!”

Karen Runyon, Cottage Resident