Millennials in the Tel Hai Workforce

As the workforce continues to be increasingly inundated with Millennials (employees who were born between 1981 and 1996; 21-36 years old), there is increasing conversation about how this next generation of workers are impacting organizations.

Many companies- like Tel Hai- recognize the value of the Millennial generation and are seeking to gain a better understanding of what Millennials look for in an employer and how to best leverage the many strengths that they offer.

As a Millennial, I think that it’s interesting that my age group is creating such a stir! There are a lot of generalizations about our new generation of “Millennials.” Some sources paint my generation as a very driven and technologically savvy group. Many recognize our desire to engage in work that is meaningful and our need to maintain a healthy work/life balance. I can identify with many of these generalizations.

I grew up using technology…a lot! I have been using computers since elementary school and I am used to having instant internet access on my cell phone. As a result, I am accustomed to having immediate access to any information that I need.

At Tel Hai, we are seeking to expand our use of technology so that we can more efficiently provide resident care and eliminate wasted time for our team members. I’ve had the opportunity to help with the implementation of some new software conversions at Tel Hai. I’m excited see how these advances in technology will help departments throughout the Tel Hai campus.

Another trait that is true of many Millennials is that we desire meaningful work. This is definitely true of myself! It is important to me that the work I am doing makes a difference in the lives of those around me. That is one of the reasons that I love being part of the Tel Hai team! We get to serve our residents every day and provide high quality care. While I’m not a nurse providing direct care to residents, I know that my position plays an important part in the overall mission of Tel Hai.

Millennials will continue to influence the culture of the workforce. I look forward to partnering with Tel Hai to find ways to leverage our individual strengths for the overall advancement of the Tel Hai team.

Mandy Smith

Human Resources Generalist

Tel Hai Retirement Community


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5 Replies to “Millennials in the Tel Hai Workforce”

  1. All very true! The Millennials I have had contact with at Tel Hai have been great to work with. The Finance team could not get along without our Millennial – Carly!

  2. Just love those Millennials – they have things to teach us Baby Boomers. We are listening. I hope we can share some of our wisdom with you. Makes an amazing team. Thank you Mandy!

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