Volunteer Spotlight: The Sew Creative

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The Sew Creative sewers meet once a week to do what they love to do. Not only do they sew pillowcases for children with cancer but they also sew walker bags for residents at Tel Hai, veteran quilts, and pillow cases for breast cancer patients.

Depending on the time of year you will see them sewing different things to help different causes. They use their passion and their skills to bring cheer to those who are going through a difficult time in life.

Who are the Sewers?

The talented people who are part of Sew Creative are Eleanor Howland, Dot Devaney, Shirley Walton, Josie Davis, Eileen Schafer, Martha Mitri, Ruthann Reichert, Gretchen Hessenplug, Ginger Schramm, Nancy Jenkins, Kara Martin, Doris Rickards, Lucy Keen, Judy Peters, Doris France, and Norma Mansur.

We thank the Sew Creative sewers for not only bringing happiness to the residents of Tel Hai with their skills but also bringing joy to those around the world.

There are sewers who have been living at Tel Hai for 10 years and sewers who are not even yet in high school. Whether you have had a career in sewing and have been sewing for as long as you can remember or are just starting to sew, all people are welcome to help the volunteers of Sew Creative sew for causes around the world.

The sewers come from a vast array of careers. Some of those include an RN, secretary, postal service worker, custom formal wear sewer, teacher, personnel manager, teacher, activity director, book keeper, medical librarian, craft shop owner, sewing machine sales, production scheduler, guidance counselor, and mother.

What do the Sewers Do?

In Sew Creative, the tasks are not divided up. There is not someone who cuts, someone who sews, and someone who measures. Every person helps with each piece of the project. They start by picking out the fabric that they would like to use, measure the fabric, cut to the lengths they need, and then sew.

Depending on the month you will find them sewing different things for different causes. All year long they sew walker bags so the residents at Tel Hai can have a sturdy, useful, but fashionable bag to strap on their walker.

Throughout the year they also sew beautiful quilts for veterans and pillowcases for children with cancer. One volunteer spends her time sewing quilts for world relief. These quilts go to wherever there is a disaster.

Currently they are sewing pillowcases for breast cancer patients and snap pencil cases for school children in Africa.

Sew Creative also helps sew miscellaneous projects that are needed such as body pillow cases. Anyone can stop by and they are proud to show you the work that they have done and tell you where their projects are going!


How long has the Sew Creative sewers been volunteering? One sewer says they have been volunteering “for about 100 years…well many, many, many years.” Another sewer is still in grade school and has been volunteering for the past two years. Many say they have been volunteering for most of their life.

Why did the sewers start volunteering? Most of the sewers said that they started volunteering because of their children, to help others, and to keep busy. One sewer said that “when you see a need, you give back.” While another volunteer said that “it is a part of life at Tel Hai; you give back.”

Where do they volunteer? These volunteers not only volunteer by sewing for Sew Creative but they also volunteer in different areas at Tel Hai and the community. Many volunteer at church and food pantries. There are also a few who also volunteer in marketing.

What is their favorite part about volunteering? There is one thing in common that all of the Sew Creative volunteers said were their favorite part of volunteering and that was the people they volunteer with. They all said that they have met wonderful people through Sew Creative and that they enjoy getting together every Monday. Many sewers also said that their favorite part about volunteering is helping different causes.

One Sewer said the following when asked what her favorite part about volunteering was “The ladies are my favorite part, they love to do it and they love to come. I love to help the causes and I do not want to stop since I moved here. I would like to give my whole life and I would like to always have a purpose and make a difference.”

The volunteers of Sew Creative not only help the residents at Tel Hai but also people in need around the world. From Honey Brook to Africa the projects that these ladies sew bring cheer to those who need it.

We thank the ladies of Sew Creative and highlight them in our volunteer spotlight!



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8 Replies to “Volunteer Spotlight: The Sew Creative”

  1. A huge thank you to this talented group of ladies for all of their efforts and contributions. They have helped our residents with many projects and needs over the years. Their walker and wheelchair bags are a big hit and the fabric choice is always a topic of conversation. The rehab team is extremely glad for their time and talents – not to mention the little bit of love and happiness they seem to put into each project. Thank you for all you do!!

  2. A huge THANK YOU to these ladies for making 48 snappy bags which were donated to the orphans of Living Love Ministries located in Nakuru Kenya. We will be delivering these beautiful bags to the children in November. I cannot wait to see the look on their faces when they see that they each get a bag to keep. The bags are just adorable, very bright and fun material was used to create each one. There are no two alike! You can just see the love that these special ladies put into each bag. Your kindness will touch many hearts! Bless each and every one of you!

  3. I love Monday’s when they all gather in the Gathering Room and work so hard on whatever project they have. What a wonderful group of women. Thank you all for all you do! Keep up the good work.

    1. Jean- Thanks for your question! The Sew Creative meets every Monday morning in the ‘Gathering Room’ on the campus of Tel Hai, beginning at 9:00 AM! They’d love to meet you!

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