Tel Hai in 10 days… It’s a 10!

2015JoleneWeaverHeadshotWhat do you think of when you hear the number 10? A gymnast landing a vault… a perfect 10! A grade-schooler acing a quiz… a perfect 10! Perhaps the Ten Commandments… also a perfect 10!

Well for me, it’s two fold. It’s been 10 days since I began my professional journey at Tel Hai Retirement Community as the new Director of Communications. And in my short tenure since joining the team, it’s clear to see that Tel Hai is a 10!

Ten doesn’t mean that Tel Hai is perfect, and ten doesn’t mean that we can’t consistently improve our campus, services and the delivery of those services to our residents, employees and greater community.

What a ten means to me, is that Tel Hai is special. It’s a special place for those that call it ‘my home,’ call it ‘my employer,’ and call it ‘my future.’

1. It’s a place of respect. You see ‘respect’ in action daily at Tel Hai by just walking through the halls. Perhaps it’s an employee helping a resident with their lunch tray, or a therapy aide assisting a resident in a mobility exercise. The respect given and received is contagious.

2. It’s a place of worship. For those who have been on the campus, you may hear the chapel bells three times a day at 8:00 AM, Noon and 6:00 PM. It’s a gentle reminder of the mission of Tel Hai to demonstrate Christ’s love for all persons.

3. It’s a place of smiles. From staff to residents, everyone smiles here! It’s genuine, it’s refreshing and it’s purely a Tel Hai trait.

4. It’s a place of commitment. In just the last few days, we’ve had snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Our dedicated Maintenance Team has weathered the storm by keeping all those who visit and travel throughout our 149-acre campus safe, with their diligent treatment of roads, sidewalks and pathways.

5. It’s a place of security. Making a move to a retirement community can be stressful and conflicting. Working through the decision with a spouse and adult child often comes with making a list of pro’s and con’s of ‘why should we’ or ‘why shouldn’t we.’ In just 10 days, I’ve heard from almost every resident that coming to Tel Hai was the best decision they ever made. They feel safe and secure.

6. It’s a place of creativity. From the Wood Shop to resident paintings and art displays, creativity is ingrained into the culture of Tel Hai. Art is celebrated, skills are honed, and talents are transformed.

7. It’s a place of growth. StoneCroft, our newest residential living apartments, will soon be open! The anticipation of adding new residents, new common areas, and new life into the community is exciting!

8. It’s a place of teamwork. Employees and residents alike are rowing in the same direction. I had the opportunity to attend a Peer to Peer Committee meeting, where residents and the Marketing Team employ honest dialog, feedback and teamwork to create the best tour experience possible for our future residents.

9. It’s a place of trust. Many have entrusted Tel Hai to be the provider, the healer, and the employer. That trust is the foundation for our operations. Every action, every decision, and every lesson learned is built on trust.

10. It’s a place of fun. While walking to a meeting, I overheard laughter and pure joy coming from the pool. Lo and behold, an intense game of watervolleyball was underway. I wanted to grab my suit and jump in! What fun!

For those 10 reasons— in 10 days— Tel Hai is a 10!

Friends of Tel Hai… What do you think makes Tel Hai a 10?

Jolene Weaver

Director of Communications


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