Al and Janice Fagerland in the Volunteer Spotlight

MMFagerland 1Al and Janice Fagerland give their volunteer time in between trips to their Sea Isle, N.J. vacation home. Chasing after the sun and the surf as often as they can, they still manage to keep a very busy volunteer schedule, and, for this, we highlight them in the Volunteer Spotlight. They prove that you can be an active volunteer and still do other things. They PLAN their volunteering around all of their activities.

When asked if they find it difficult to schedule volunteer time, Janice explains that she simply gives her “away” schedule to Amy in the Volunteer Office, and Amy schedules their time. When last-minute travel opportunities arise, Janice makes a call or two to find replacements for activities that overlap with the travel plans.

Al likes action and planning activities. He prefers to avoid political and decision-making activities, but loves to dig in to work that opens opportunities for those who need a boost – especially when pursuing education. He has been very involved with Optimist Club and West Chester University helping needy youth receive opportunities to attend university classes. Here at Tel Hai, he works with the new Maintenance Advisory Committee and the H.R Committee. He loves the work he is able to accomplish with these two teams. Otherwise, Al adds, he “retired” from meeting work. Meeting time aside, Al also makes time to drive the Community Shuttle on Tuesdays and the campus Shuttle when needed.

Both Al and Janice like helping others and love traveling and seeing new places. They have travelled around the United States, Canada and the world, but, Janice adds, while we have enjoyed trips that require air travel – having been to Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and many other countries – now they are happy to limit their travel to that which can be made by land. Not wandering far from her love of travel, Janice helps the Trip Committee plan the adventures we all enjoy. She loves planning trips.

They have 3 children, two sons and one daughter. All of whom live close by in Downingtown and across the Susquehanna near York, PA. They enjoy their grandchildren, 2 step grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and grand “PETS” all of whom are within easy reach of home.

In addition to Trip Committee work, Janice helps volunteer at the GCC desk and the Meadows Front desk as well as Marketing’s desk in Marketing on Fridays. She especially loves greeting folks visiting us to learn about retirement living and all of the possibilities offered right here at Tel Hai. Janice is a friendly people-person, and her duties at the front desks suit her personality well. She greets with a friendly smile and makes everyone feel welcome.

Janice does not limit her volunteer tasks to desk-jobs; oh no… she helped gather donations for the Tribute Celebration Silent Auction helping to make that a successful evening. In addition, both Al and Janice have been asked to join the Peer to Peer volunteer group that supports our Marketing Team during open house events and Managers on Duty over weekends.

For fitting volunteer activities into an active life already filled with children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, travel and vacations, and friends scattered all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we thank Al and Janice Fagerland, and we highlight them in our Volunteer Spotlight. Everything Al and Janice do proves that busy lives, vigorous travel and vacation schedules, and engaging family events can coincide with energetic volunteer activities right here at home in Tel Hai.

Fran Atkins,



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